User study descriptions and registration


A team of researchers at Oregon State University is seeking participants in a research study.

This study aims to develop new interactive visual user interface prototypes to discover and categorize image sets with systemic behavior in machine learning models that relate visual and linguistic information (e.g., sets of images depicting certain jobs with systemic response to gendered language) on large preexisting datasets.


Meet for 1-hour via Zoom to perform several tasks using our interface tools and provide feedback on your experience.


  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You have taken at least three AI/ML courses (including related courses like CV, NLP) OR
  • You have two years or more professional experience in AI/ML (including graduate studies)


Sunday, January 1st - Wednesday, March 1st.



A $15 Amazon gift card.


For more information about this study, please contact the project lead, Eric Slyman, or the principal investigator, Dr. Stefan Lee. This study is additionally advised by Dr. Minsuk Kahng.