Publications by categories in reversed chronological order.

  1. fairdedup.png
    FairDeDup: Detecting and Mitigating Vision-Language Fairness Disparities in Semantic Dataset Deduplication
    Eric SlymanStefan LeeScott Cohen, and Kushal Kafle
    Computer Vision and Patern Recognition, Jun 2024
  2. valet.png
    VALET: Vision-And-LanguagE Testing with Reusable Components
    Eric SlymanKushal Kafle, and Scott Cohen
    NeurIPS Queer in AI Workshop, Dec 2023
  3. robust.png
    On the Behavior of Audio-Visual Fusion Architectures in Identity Verificaiton Tasks
    Daniel ClaborneEric Slyman, and Karl Pazdernik
    arXiv preprint, Nov 2023
  4. vlslice.png
    VLSlice: Interactive Vision-and-Language Slice Discovery
    Eric SlymanMinsuk Kahng, and Stefan Lee
    International Conference on Computer Vision, Oct 2023
  5. cgan.png
    Conditional Emulation of Global Precipitation With Generative Adversarial Networks
    Alex Ayala, Chris Drazic, Seth Bassetti, Eric SlymanBrenna Nieva, and 5 more authors
    ICLR Workshop on AI for Earth and Space Science, Apr 2022
  6. cad.png
    Fine-Grained Classroom Activity Detection from Audio with Neural Networks
    Eric SlymanChris Daw, Morgan Skrabut, Ana Usenko, and Brian Hutchinson
    AAAI Workshop on AI for Education, Feb 2022
  7. cgan2.png
    Conditioned Emulation of Global Climate Models With Generative Adversarial Networks
    Alex Ayala, Chris Drazic, Eric Slyman, Piper Wolters, Brenna Nieva, and 3 more authors
    NOAA Workshop on Leveraging AI in Envrionmental Sciences, Sep 2021